Compliance Dashboard


Making Sense Of Compliance

Does Compliance Really Matter? Yes! It’s the law. There are many requirements an employer has as a plan sponsor, the most important being fiduciary oversight.

Plan documents, ERISA notices and ERISA disclosures are just a few of the necessary items required. Any participant can sue the plan for noncompliance with ERISA, which can lead to fines and damaged employee relations. In addition, more and more lawsuits are being brought over claim denials and benefit reductions. These lawsuits often hinge on a compliance issue, whether it is documentation, eligibility, or a plan notice or disclosure. That’s why you need a consistent, organized and reliable process in place to ensure your plan is in compliance with the law.


How Does Compliance Dashboard Help?
Our compliance dashboard is a web based tool that helps employers understand their compliance obligations by giving them the information they need, when they need it. What’s more, it helps employers fulfill their compliance duties through an interactive email and follow-up system that monitors the progress of each compliance activity.


Minimize Potential Liability
By raising overall awareness of health and welfare plan laws, our compliance dashboard helps assure compliance, thereby reducing the risk of fines and legal action that can arise from noncompliance.

It further minimizes an employer’s potential liability by:

  • Establishing a reliable and verifiable compliance process
  • Maintaining reports and audit trails to document an employer’s good faith compliance efforts


Save Staff Time
The federal laws that affect health and welfare plans are aggregated into one easy-to-navigate web site; saving countless hours of research and analysis.

Even more time is saved through an automated compliance process that:

  • Sends a notification when it is time to perform a compliance task
  • Provides all of the relevant information and materials needed to complete the compliance task


Reduce Administrative Costs
Our compliance dashboard is not a substitute for competent legal advice; however, it allows companies to identify specific areas where expert advice may be necessary. Focusing legal research and counsel on just those areas can reduce legal fees and increase the value of the information received.