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We’re local. Accountable local service means you have a responsible, accessible partner who knows the specific needs of your business and develops a strong relationship with you. By knowing your company, brand, market, culture, and employees, we can bring you the right HR, benefits, and payroll solution.

We simplify. Our technology, services and advice help you simplify your human capital management, handle payroll efficiently, reduce compliance risk (and worry) and move your business ahead.

We bring it all together. Our comprehensive approach integrates payroll, HR, benefits, time and attendance, and more in one automated solution that’s easy to use and manage.

We help you empower your employees.We help you implement new services in the way that works best for your organization.

We’re committed to businesses like yours. By serving the needs of both the small and large employer business market, we offer solutions with the right capabilities for you.

We save your business time and money. Our advanced but affordable solutions are designed to be cost-effective—as well as easy to implement and manage.

Phil Brown Insurance Agency and ProSential Group


Phil Brown Insurance Agency and ProSential Group

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Transforming HR & Benefits

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Transforming HR & Benefits

Empowering Your Workforce with Cost Effective Solutions

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